I’m trying to get pregnant.

March 20, 2008 at 10:31 pm (Uncategorized)

And not in the natural, free way, but rather in the physician-assisted, really expensive (but okay, not the *most* expensive–yet) way. I’ve never even tried to get pregnant naturally, but that’s because I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to work, and I didn’t want to waste the time.  I’m in my late twenties and I haven’t gotten a period on my own in about a decade.  A hippy dippy homeopathic gynecologist diagnosed me with PCOS about seven years ago, but since then the doctors I’ve seen have been doubtful about that diagnosis, for various reasons.  Now that I have a steady job after years of school and general immaturity (from which I am happy to say I have completely recovered!), I’ve found an RE who says I’ll probably be able to get pregnant, but I’ll probably need her help.  On top of that, she says, the sooner the better (I should probably mention that I had an FSH level of 10, which she said was “a little high”).  So it’s “sooner” now, and we’re doing it.  We’re starting with the easy stuff, to move on to the hard stuff if and when it becomes necessary.

The protocol is as follows:

  • Birth control pill for three weeks
  • 37.5 IU Menopur per day (smallest dose I’ve ever heard of) starting on cycle day 3 (day 3 of my period) for “as long as it takes” “because it can take awhile” “like up to 20 days” “I once saw a woman who took 45 days” (or until they increase my dosage?)
  • When there are a couple of follicles that are about 18 mm (I guess?), we trigger ovulation and are instructed to have sex during something like the next three days (constantly!  you may quote me)
Today is cycle day 8 (day 6 of the Menopur), and I had my first ultrasound.  The NP said I have lots of potential follicles, but they are all still under 10 mm, and they don’t trigger ovulation until there are a couple that are at about 18 mm.  She also said my lining is about 4 mm, which is good because it shows I’m responding to the Menopur.  I go back in on Monday (cycle day 12, day 10 of Menopur) to check my progress.

One reason I’m keeping this blog is so I can keep track of all my symptoms, ovarian twinges, etc.  And one thing I will say is that I have been feeling stuff going on in my ovaries from the first day I started the Menopur.  So it sort of surprised me that I didn’t have any follicles over 10 mm…what’s it going to feel like when they actually start to grow?  I am a little freaked out.  But in general, I’m excited to be doing something.  I sort of look forward to the shots each morning because I know I’m moving towards getting pregnant in some small way.  Furthermore, friends are shocked and amazed when you tell them you give yourself shots.  (Except diabetics.  Sorry diabetics.)



  1. Ericka said,

    Hi there! I googled 37.5 iu menopur and was led to this blog post. Do you remember if you refrigerated the other half of the mixed Menopur solution to use the next day? I just got my meds for IVF today and my dosage of Menopur will be 37.5 iu each day. I haven’t talked to my nurse yet about how to do that when the vial is 75iu! Help please.

    • talkingaboutmyself said,

      Ericka: yes! Definitely refrigerate the remaining mixed Menopur solution!

      Sorry – I see you posted this yesterday so it might be too late to help, but I’m sure it’ll work out okay. Good luck!

  2. ladyjaz76 said,

    No problem, I actually forgot to check back! haha My nurse told me the same thing, so thanks for the further confirmation.

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