I’m frustrated.

March 23, 2008 at 10:38 am (Uncategorized)

I still don’t feel anything.  Why?  Is it a bad sign that I felt something for the first week and now there’s nothing?  And another thing–are the stims I’m putting in my body at this point just going to waste?  Or is there some sense there’s a buildup and that each dose is helping?  I’m going back for an ultrasound tomorrow and I know there’s going to be no change with my follicles.  I am a little worried that my lining will have increased, though that’s kind of a stupid thing to worry about since I’m not even sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.  I guess what I’m afraid of is that the lining will outpace the follicles, and that will throw everything off.

Also, as of tomorrow I’m going to be out of Menopur.  The doctor better have some there for me.  I love how they just assume I can spend all the time in the world running off to their appointments and picking up their meds.  I realize that I’m doing this for me, not them, but man, aren’t I paying enough money that they can at least try to accommodate me?  No.  No.  I know.  They know I will do whatever it takes.  They have me by the balls. 

Can someone answer this for me: after I started the injectables, I called the nurse to ask her something and she said I should avoid strenuous exercise (but only after I brought up the fact that I had gone for a run).  Is this true?  I know I should do so during the two week wait, but do I have to refrain from exercising even now?  What have your guys’ doctors and/or nurses told you?

I’m bored with this.  I’m ready to be at the next step.  I command it to be so.

There.  That should do it. 



  1. sara said,

    Hey thanks for the kind words! I wish I could have a magic wand and always send us to the next stage..both of us, don’t you? My doctor only talked to me about limiting activity in the two week wait, but always go off the info of your personal doctor. I ran a few miles a day up until a few days before my egg retrieval. The only reason I stopped was because my ovaries go too huge and painful. But now in the wait post transfer I’m taking it very easy. However after my IUI’s I did run and the office had no problem with that. Hope that helps!

  2. Carrie said,

    I think avoiding exercise during stims is really to do with the ovaries being so swollen. As they get bigger they are at increased danger of twisting, also when everything is full of fluid it really is very uncomfortable to exercise, it feels like everything inside keeps moving even after you have stopped. Very weird.
    There seems to be a small amount of people who think that strenuous exercise can take away nutrients or blood flow or something from the ovaries. I don’t think this has been proven and most don’t seem to think it is a problem.
    I hope you see a decent development tomorrow. It is amazing how it can change. (also I have read of a lot of pregnancies where the initial follie growth was very slow)

  3. Lady Bits said,

    I can’t really help with advice on side effects, I’m afraid. I’ve only ever had the IVF drugs, and Zoladex, but with all of them I’ve hardly ever had any side effects at all. Even when I had 40+ active follicles, I still barely felt anything. I’ve always been worried that the drugs aren’t working properly, but they always are.

    I don’t exercise, so I can’t really help with that question either! But how about you ring your clinic and ask them these questions? My view is that I am paying them plenty of money, so I am going to get my money’s worth.

  4. sully said,

    I haven’t really had all that much in the symptom department as well. Just some tiredness and overall moodiness. Follies are growing slowly, but they’re growing, so don’t give up hope. Just take it one day at a time, one appointment at a time. I’ve stopped praying for the end result and just pray that each appointment is a good one. Breaking it up into smaller increments helps. Hope you have some better results today! Also, the nurses told me to stay away from exercise, and it’s KILLING me. I’ve finally started walking around the neighborhood and doing free weights again, but am still doing much less than prior to stims.

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