Sweet news: I just thought of something else to worry about.

March 26, 2008 at 11:03 am (Uncategorized)

First of all, thanks all you guys for your great and helpful comments. I cannot describe (though I’m sure many of you know) how great it feels to know there are people reading this who can help me. I’m going to try to ask the nurse a few things when I see her tomorrow.

So here’s the latest worry that’s keeping me from getting my work done: I’m small and thin. I’ve made a point of being this way, because I prefer it, feel better about myself, and all the other reasons anyone tries to stay thin. However, I am also naturally pretty thin–we are all pretty small in my family, and it is not an enormous effort for me or particularly unnatural. There was some notion that I may have been experiencing amenorrhea because of my low weight (for awhile I had a bmi of about 19 and at times even a little lower). I have made a point of gaining some weight when I decided to start trying to get pregnant, so now my bmi is around 20. My RE also told me not to go below a certain weight, and I haven’t.

I also asked her at a later appointment if there’s anything I should be doing in terms of diet and nutrition, and she recommended a nutritionist for me. I haven’t seen the nutritionist yet. Maybe this is stupid, but I have my reasons. First of all, with having to go get ultrasounds every couple of days, it is really hard for me to think about missing more work for an appointment the importance of which is just not entirely clear to me. I mean, the RE didn’t even mention the nutritionist until I asked her, nor has she brought it up since, nor did she emphasize it the one time she did mention it. There’s also a part of me that’s like, women get pregnant all the time without thinking about what they are eating. I have been careful to decrease my alcohol and caffeine intake, but other than that, how worried do I need to be? I eat a very balanced, healthy diet. I love sweets but try not to eat too much because I know sugar isn’t great for me. But my one real concern is that I should just be heavier. I’m worried I won’t get pregnant because I don’t have enough body fat, but I want someone to tell me this. I don’t want to gain a bunch of weight if it’s not necessary.

This is something else I plan to ask the nurse about at my ultrasound tomorrow. I don’t even know if she’ll have an answer, but I guess it can’t hurt.

Grr. I know I should probably just see the nutritionist. But does anyone out there have any thoughts about how important this is?



  1. Mel said,

    Good thing to ask, not sure how much it matters really. I know that my RE has banned me from strenuous exercise (I can use my elliptical) and asked me not to lose any weight. He knows I was 115 at my thinnest about 2 years ago (I am 5’8″ so that’s really too skinny!) and I have gained almost 30 lbs since I got off the pill 15 months ago. The PCOS, hormones and everything have really gotten to me. He said he prefers me at this weight for my fertility, but I know I sure don’t! No running whatsoever, he’s killing me here!
    If you are eating healthy and not working out too much, I imagine you are fine!! It’s the people that don’t get enough nutrition and over exert on cardio that are worrisome.

  2. Lady Bits said,

    I put on weight for the sake of my fertility as well. I wasn’t super-skinny (around 116lb and 5′ 7”) but just a few more pounds has lifted my BMI. People actually tell me I look better. They don’t even know I’ve put on weight – they just tell me I am looking well. Which is surprising given the horse-tranqullizer-like drug concotion I’ve been taking recently Oh, and I actually lost weight during IVF as I found it hard to eat when stressed – so it’s a good job I had a pound or two spare.

    I was wondering the fact you’re relatively young and skinny might explain why your doctor is edging up the dose of your drugs so carefully? They put me on the lowest dose of the Goal-F during IVF, and I still overstimulated (young, thin, PCOS – I ticked all the boxes). Once you’ve boiled over, you can’t turn down the heat, so keep simmering away nicely…

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