Quick Update (or, It’s Better That I Waited a Day to Write This)

March 28, 2008 at 1:25 pm (Uncategorized)

I had a tough day yesterday, and my discouraging ultrasound results were only a part of that. I got completely slammed at work and am still in that mode, so I can’t take long to write this, but I want to keep this blog current.

So they still didn’t see any follicle growth. Worse, the lining now appeared to be back to the 4.8mm-ish zone, and the nurse was no longer considering the thickness an indicator that I was responding to the Menopur. So they increased my dose to 1 vial (75 IU) a day, which is fine. My next ultrasound is Monday. By then I will have had five days at one vial a day (last night I gave myself the second half of the vial I started yesterday morning, and this morning 1 full vial, same tomorrow, etc.)

The situation with the doctor and the nurse and all this other stuff was dramatic and I probably should have had the one small cup of coffee I am now allowing myself per day before going in for the ultrasound. The basic gist is that the nurse decided to up my dose and of course now I didn’t entirely trust that she had confirmed this with the RE, so I called after I left to say I wanted to talk to the RE, whom I knew was leaving for a two week vacation starting next week. I got a call back saying she was out of the office as of yesterday, and I flipped out and cried on the phone to the office, which made them feel sorry for me and, when I got the right person on the phone, made them promise me they would have her call me. She did and confirmed that she had told the nurse to up my dose if the ultrasound results were as we found them to be yesterday, and she also told me they had done this a million times and that during the two weeks while she was gone I could trust the nurse to make the right decisions. She said that we’re in a trial and error period during which we’re just figuring out how my body responds.

She said on Monday three things might happen:

1. We will see one or two follicles growing and, depending on the size, we can schedule the next ultrasound and start thinking about when the trigger shot will be, or schedule the trigger shot itself.

2. We will see way too many follicles growing and have to cancel the cycle, but we will have learned something for next time.

3. Still nothing will be growing and we will have to keep going or possibly up my dosage again (whatever the nurse says, goes).

I have quite suddenly grown very pessimistic, and I am completely expecting #3. Although, to be honest, I realize #2 would be way worse than #3, so I guess I’m not THAT pessimistic. I also realize a lot of people are on the maximum 8 vials a day, and I have a long way to go before I’m doing that much, so it wouldn’t be shocking if I still weren’t responding. Still, of course, I am impatient and a brat, and I want this to start happening. And of course, until we start seeing a response, I won’t know if I’m one of those people who just doesn’t respond.

So, more waiting. No surprise there. The nice thing was that the nurse said to me, “How old are you?” I’m 28. “Oh, you’re going to get pregnant.” So that felt good.



  1. Mel said,

    Frustrations, you poor girl!! I am so sorry for all the stress you are feeling with work and fertility. Ugh.
    Stay positive. I have been on shots for THREE weeks now (ugh, right?) and the first 2 I was on Repronex , which didn’t do squat, and the Menopur is just now working. Just remember, these active cycles can go on for a long time before anything happens. Patience is hard, but I will have my fingers crossed for you!
    Have you considering asking them to just check your E2 on your u/s days so they can have a baseline idea of where you are? This number can actually tell them how many dominant follicles you have. (200/dominant follicle)
    I don’t even ask to know my lining measurements, I try not worry about that too much. Focus on the positive for now: you are one step closer today to being pregnant than you were yesterday.

    I am not sure why she told us to have sex Sun night, other than to just cover all of our bases. I already have the trigger shot at home in the fridge, just waiting for him to tell me when to use it!! Please let it be soon!
    We are both going for u/s on Monday, keep me posted. Hang in there, girl.

  2. Lady Bits said,

    Your doctor sounds great to me. She is learning about you and your body now. I know how hard it is to wait when you want instaneous lift-off, but this work could pay dividends later. Hang on in there Tam.

  3. sara said,

    That must be frustrating have to let things go so slowly. I hope Monday shows a great ultrasound. I’m glad the nurse had a kind comment at the end also. We definitely deserve some TLC when we’re stressed out! Thinking of you.

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