Well well well.

April 4, 2008 at 9:49 am (Uncategorized)

One big guy in my right ovary. Only one, measuring, from one angle, about 16mm x 12 mm, and from another angle about 17 mm x 11 mm. The nurse said she’d average that to about 16 mm. Everything in the left ovary is still small. One more vial of Menopur tomorrow morning, then trigger Sunday morning, then sex Sunday night, Monday night, and Tuesday night. Lining is still around 7 mm. I’m wearing two estrogen patches now and will change them every three to four days. I start Endometrin suppositories next Thursday. POAS (whoa, my first time writing that) on April 21st.

I’m not even sure what to say right now. I still feel sort of shaky. But this is just the beginning, I know.

I’m so happy, sure. Very, very happy and pleased that it’s finally working the way it’s supposed to. And this is way better than what it’s been, no doubt. But of course, I’m also nervous. What were you expecting? I’m nervous about doing everything right. I’m nervous that I’m going to ovulate before the trigger or, worse, that for some reason I won’t ovulate at all. I’m nervous there might be other things wrong with me, or with my husband (even though he had a normal analysis about a year ago), that will cause problems or keep this from happening. I’m nervous about the sex. Three nights in a row of mandatory sex. We’re both very sensitive, emotional people. What if we get into a huge fight beforehand or something? We’re not really the sex on demand kind of people. Okay, I guess all that really means is we’re not porn stars. But anyway, when it comes to this step, I am actually sure I can’t even anticipate the kinds of things that can go wrong.

But we’ll do it. I don’t really think it will be a problem, I’m just a worrier. I can say that my husband doesn’t seem to be the least bit worried about this step, or if he is he isn’t letting on. There’s a man for you. I guess sometimes there are good reasons for them to be this way, and finally we’ve hit upon one.

It’s weird that I have to start acting like a pregnant person in only a few days. We are supposed to have dinner with his company next week, where we will go get a drink as a group first and then split up into smaller groups to go to different restaurants. The email they sent out said “If anyone has any dietary restrictions, please let us know in advance so that we make sure that vegetarians aren’t sent to a steakhouse and those who don’t eat fish aren’t sent to sushi.” Normally I would keep my fingers crossed that I would be sent to a sushi restaurant. This morning I told my husband that he would have to email and ask that we not be sent to a sushi restaurant. It’s so strange, because we are always up for anything. It’s almost a point of pride not to have to ask for special treatment. It would be easier if I could just tell people I’m pregnant, but I am just not willing to do that. And this on top of not having a drink–at some point during the 2ww I just know someone is going to catch on and ask if I’m pregnant. I don’t even know what I’ll say.

Anyway, these are just teeny tiny complaints. It’s just that this is my place to talk about them. There is something unimaginably exciting about the idea of having to turn down certain foods because I “might be pregnant.”

I’m not ready to take that phrase out of quotation marks yet.


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  1. Mel said,

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was out of my office all day so I missed this, I am SO HAPPY TO BE READING THIS, girlie!!!!!!! You are right on my heels and short of your follie being on the other ovary, we are dead equal all things considered for this cycle. Surely, this will be it for both of us! You are in my thoughts, prayers, I am hoping that this works for you. Don’t sweat the sex, you will make it work I am sure. Sex on demand is hard, Husband and I actually talk during most of it! How funny is that?!?! We make jokes and tease each other about “pep” talking the boy sperm vs. the girl sperm. ( I want a girl, he wants a boy-typical!) Yes, I realize we are losers.
    PS-I got really bad nausea about 36 hours after the trigger shot. I couldn’t sleep it was so bad, it kept waking me up. Dr. C said that is totally normal and means when I do get pregnant I’ll probably have horrid morning sickness. Ick!
    Oh, and ovulation feels weird. It’s a very strong series of twinges on the side where you are ovulating. It hurt, but didn’t double me over or anything. It was a welcome hurt!!


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