April 13, 2008 at 5:37 pm (Uncategorized)

It is the one-week anniversary of my trigger shot today. Several days ago, I made the mistake of telling my husband about the whole, “If I took a pregnancy test now, it would come out positive because the hormone in the trigger shot is the same hormone that a pregnancy test tests for,” thing. Today, he was very anxious to see if any of my (extremely minimal) symptoms (feeling hotter than usual (although that’s basically gone away), bigger boobs (I have definitely gained weight anyway, which could be the cause of this), sore nipples (could be the estrogen or the progesterone)) could be due to real pregnancy rather than the trigger shot, so he wanted me to test and see if the trigger was out of my system.

It wasn’t. Big surprise–it’s only been a week. Anyway, now I know what a positive pregnancy test looks like. I hope I’ll see one again in a week.

Now I feel weirdly compelled to keep testing until I’m sure it’s out of my system. It wasn’t that faint a line, either, so it seems like it could be awhile. In fact, I’m a little nervous that if I test next weekend and get a positive it will still be from the trigger. What’s a girl to do? Also, pregnancy tests, if you haven’t noticed, aren’t all that cheap. I’m down to two, and I kind of want to save them until next week.

Wow. I want this really badly. I keep imagining how unbelievably excited I would be if I found out I was pregnant. I suppose some of my readers can relate, no? Yeah.

In other news, I had been drinking one small cup of coffee a day (down from my former two larger cups) until yesterday, when my husband and I decided I should probably stop drinking it altogether. Ouch. Rough couple of days here. In the mean time, I’m having a hard time figuring out what the hell I CAN consume. It seems like there’s something wrong with everything I might consider eating. Seriously, what’s a pregnant woman to subsist on? And while we’re at it, if I refer to myself as a pregnant woman, will that make it true?

My husband keeps asking me if I feel pregnant. I don’t. I really don’t feel different. And since it’s still early, I don’t really think it means much. But in a few days, I’m going to start feeling discouraged if I still don’t feel anything. I know I shouldn’t, but my mind, you see, it has a mind of its own.



  1. Mel said,

    That trigger should absolutely be out by 14DPO. I won’t let myself have ANY pregnancy tests at home. I would definitely be testing every single day. Ugh!

    My RE said 1 cup of coffee a day is FINE. He actually wants me to stay on 1/day to help with the estrogen and progesterone, not sure why though. If you want, you can switch to 1/2 caf, 1/2 decaf. Otherwise, you might wind up with some wicked caffeine withdrawl headaches! Ack!

    Waiting fucking sucks. Pardon my french.

  2. Waiting said,

    We are so close to being cycle twins- seriously. Wednesday will be my 1 week anniversary I don’t feel so super about my chances, but I’m really pumped about the potential for all my blogger buds!

    My doctor told me to wait a full 2 1/2 half weeks post-shot to test. I think she’s being on the extreme safe side, though. She warned me about the HCG showing a positive, as well. I have no symptoms either, other than slightly sore nips (TMI). Again, we all know this could be the progesterone.

    I am really struggling with the coffee thing, too! I feel guilty every time I have a cup. I’m only drinking one a day, though, and from what Mel says- we’re doing ok! Thanks, Mel!

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