I’m back!

April 21, 2008 at 6:31 pm (Uncategorized)

Thanks for all your comments, guys. They helped.

So, the doctor really took her time calling me, which is why I’m posting on this so late. Sorry about that.

So yeah, it’s negative. But I really don’t feel horrible. There are a number of reasons for this.

1. I prepared myself for this by all but drawing a final conclusion over the last few days. I truly was completely, completely expecting it (even though I did allow myself to occasionally fantasize about her calling and saying, “Well, my dear, I have some good news…”).

2. This was only my first time. I know, I really wanted it to work, but it’s not so shocking that it didn’t. It wouldn’t have worked for approximately four out of five reproductively normal couples, either.

3. The only bad thing she had to say was that I am not pregnant. She said everything went perfectly. In fact, she started out the conversation by saying, “Well, I wish I had better news for you. But we got you to ovulate!” The nurse said it this morning too. I am beginning to realize that that aspect of it is often pretty difficult. She said everything happened as it was supposed to and she suspected that the egg probably fertilized and even implanted, but that the embryo was probably just abnormal, as many (if not most) of them are. I’m not sure why she thought the fertilization and implantation occurred, other than that probabilistically I guess that’s what usually happens when there’s sperm and an egg in the same place at the same time? I’ll just assume that. I also brought a copy of my husband’s sperm analysis that he had had done in January of ’07 and she said it looked great and that it was recent enough, so that’s a load off our minds (ahem…seriously no pun intended).

She said she wants to go ahead and do exactly what we did last time, starting with 1/2 vial of Menopur (she feels very strongly about avoiding multiples) and working our way up. The one major downside…wait, no, the two major downsides are:

I’m not pregnant. (duh.)

I have to drop another truckload of cash on a new cycle. She’s ordering me up ten vials of Menopur this time, instead of five to start with like last time. Hopefully I won’t need more than those ten? I needed way more than that last time, but she thinks it should go faster this time.

The one major upside…wait, no, the two major upsides are:



And not necessarily in that order.

Oh, I’m such a girl.



  1. Waiting said,

    Hey, girl. I feel like even though you didn’t get your BFP, you still got lots of good news. Your doctor sounds really pleased with your cycle, and that’s great news. Enjoy your wine and sushi…I know I plan to! Have a great day.

  2. Mel said,

    Well, we are off to the races again my dearest twinky dink!!
    On to injectibles cycle numero dos-hoping this is it for us.
    (ps-thanks for the up and up attitude, by the way… it was really good for me to see)

  3. sara said,

    I’m so sorry that this didnt’t happen this month. I hope the sushi and wine help a little. But this still majorly sucks, I am so sorry and will be thinking of you often 🙂

  4. Angie said,

    Hey – sorry, I’ve been away from my computer for a couple of days and am now just catching up! I’m so sorry this cycle was a bust for you, even though it is the first time you still hope that it will only take one time. I think we can all relate. I am happy that everything went well, despite the BFN, and hopefully, practice makes perfect. Also, as you will soon read (I haven’t posted yet), my cycle was also a bust so I am once again cycle buddies with you. I’m on CD4 and start clomid tomorrow. Yikes. At any rate, I will be cheering for both of us and hoping we are comparing breast feeding tips a year from now. Hugs.

  5. sully said,

    So sorry this cycle hasn’t worked for you, but it is definitely a good sign that your Dr. thinks that the cycle in essence was a success. Keep that positive attitude – it’ll happen. Enjoy that wine & sushi and I’ll be pulling for you.

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