Some good news.

April 26, 2008 at 11:59 am (Uncategorized)

My cycle day 2 FSH was 3.4. The doctor said this was fantastic. I was so happy I almost collapsed.

I don’t know why this was making me so nervous. I am also not entirely sure this really matters that much. I mean, I did at one point have an FSH level of 10 (doctor said it was “slightly high,” some doctors won’t even treat you at that level, others would say it’s normal), and I know they “take you at your highest.” At the same time, however, they are supposed to measure it on cycle day 2 or 3, and when I got that 10 I had no cycle. I had stopped taking the pill in April 2007, got a period, and hadn’t had one by the time I got the FSH of 10 in January 2008. So I would like to believe that this 3.4 is more trustworthy than the 10. I feel really good about it. I actually woke up happy today, just because of that.

Still, of course, I can have all the “good” results in the world, but until I’m pregnant (and then until I have the baby, and then until…I die), I can’t really stop worrying, can I?

Started shots again today. I’m only doing 1/2 vial a day, and going in for a u/s on Friday. Not expecting much on such a low dose, though.


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  1. Mel said,

    That’s great about the FSH. Who knew it could move that much? No complaints, fo shizzy!
    Shots are so much fun, aren’t they? (NOT!)
    Here we go again!

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