What’s the least attention-grabbing post title possible?

May 19, 2008 at 10:34 am (Uncategorized)

I almost feel embarrassed writing this, but I went back on Saturday and still little activity. One follicle in my left ovary still appears to be the dominant one, but it’s also still only around 10 mm. I’m staying on the same dose (1 vial of Menopur and 1/2 vial of Bravelle per day), and going back in tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. I find this all sort of surprising and strange, but I want to emphasize that though the slow thing is frustrating, I really do trust my doctor and nurse, especially since they’ve both explained why they want to take it so slow. It makes sense to me, it’s just not as much fun as when things move more quickly. The nurse even said to me, “The thing is, I could make you ovulate in 14 days, it’s just that there would be way too many eggs, and we don’t want that.” So, fine. I’ll just keep at it as they’ve said. Also, they have a ton of experience and have earned many accolades for this, so I feel good about them.

I have a question for you all. Do you ever bring your husband in to your follicle check ultrasound appointments? Mine has never seen it, and he said he would be willing to come in with me tomorrow for my extremely early-morning ultrasound (but I think he’s doing it to show me support, not because he’s dying to see it). I haven’t even asked the nurse if she would allow him to watch, but I assume it’s my choice. I thought it would be neat to have him see the whole thing and to show him what I have to go and do twice a week for this thing that we are trying to achieve. And also to have him understand how difficult it is (for me, at least) to interpret the fuzzy blobs on the screen, so when he tries to ask me a billion questions about the follicles, he’ll understand it’s hard to know the answer.

Any thoughts? Have you done this? Have you wanted to do this but not been allowed?



  1. Patti said,

    Mark’s come with me a couple of times. He’s seen what the follies look like on the screen and admitted that he can’t see anything other than the grey static that i see. But at least he can appreciate what it was I was going through. I think it makes a difference. Also made him feel like a bit more of a partner in all of it, too.

  2. Angie said,

    Ha, ha, ha! I can barely get my husband to go to the IUI let alone any of the previous appointments. If he wants to go, I say why not? It’s nice that he is willing to be that involved.

    I sure hope those follies start growing so that your wait is a little less!

  3. Mel said,

    Husband comes to every single appointment unless he’s out of town.
    My RE says he’s the gold star husband of the year.

  4. Waiting said,

    DH offers to come every time, and I haven’t accepted just yet because I feel like since we’re not yet with an RE and it’s only my 2nd round on Clomid…well, I guess I’m still hoping this will all be over soon, and honestly, I’m trying (in vain) to keep this “not a big deal.” I think you should definitely let your husband go to your appt., though. You’re in this together, afterall. I think I may let DH go to my next midcycle. I think it will make me feel a little less alone and like this is more of a team effort.

    Most docs probably want to take it super slow because the worst thing is to cancel a cycle due to overstiming. I know it must be so frustrating for you. I’m sorry it’s moving slowly, but I know this is pretty common. Question…did you ride the Clomid rollercoaster, and if so…how did you do follicle-wise on it??

    Have a great night!

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