Quick update.

May 21, 2008 at 11:13 am (Uncategorized)

I spoke to the doctor yesterday afternoon. Not much interesting to say–she basically said my ovaries are unpredictable and that we know we can get me to ovulate, we just don’t know when it will work and when it won’t, so it is truly a matter of patience. She initially said I could stop stims, go on some progesterone, get a period and start fresh. But then I asked her if she was certain this cycle had to be a bust, and she said no, and I could go a few more days if I wanted to see what happens by Friday. I just don’t feel like I’m ready to give up this cycle yet, so I shelled out another $300 yesterday for more meds to see if there’s any hope of salvaging the $1500 or so I’ve already spent on this cycle. (Not that I’m thinking about the money, of course). She said if I start to bleed, or if we don’t see anything happening by Friday, I should stop and we’ll start fresh after I have a period.

It is definitely disconcerting that I just haven’t responded at all this cycle. I am, of course, terrified that I will never respond again. It’s weird that it worked once and not this time. The doctor told me we’re like surfers waiting for a wave to come in–sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t, and you’re not really sure when you can expect it. I do love it when doctors use childish metaphors to explain things to me. Actually, okay, there is something sort of comforting about it. Maybe she uses it because the ocean is calming.

So, a few more days of injecting powdered gold into my stomach, and then another disappointing trip to the ultrasound machine, and THEN I’ll sit around and hope I even get a stupid period (I am not known for them).

It’s not a good sign that I’m already intensely sick of this.


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  1. sara said,

    Oh girl, I wish I could be your ovulation fairy godmother! Don’t beat yourself up over already feeling sick of this. What that means I think is that you are completely normal! At least that is how I felt after even one cycle of clomid, ultrasound and IUI. And your cycle with injectables is way more expensive and involved than that cycle was for me that I started feeling sick of it all. I actually thought IVF was less stressful than all those damn medicated cycles with numerous meds, injections, and ultrasounds. With IVF at least I had a definite time frame, monetary expense and all. Everything was pretty set in stone. I felt the other cycles (like what you are going through now) were much worse to go through. So hang in there, and I’m hoping that things turn around in these next couple of days. I’ll still be keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

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