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June 30, 2008 at 1:19 pm (Uncategorized)

My ultrasound today was done by the real doctor, not the nurse, since I had scheduled an appointment to talk to the doctor too. I didn’t like the way the doctor did the ultrasound. She’s nice and all, but she stood up instead of sitting down while doing it, and took about 1/4 of the time the nurse takes, and it was slightly more uncomfortable. It was all very “wham bam thank you ma’am” for me. After she left the exam room so I could get dressed, I told my husband, who had come with me, that I didn’t like how the doctor did it. He said, “That’s why recovering people thank their nurses, not their doctors.” Interesting. I have no idea what the hell he was talking about.

Anyway, nothing new on the follicle front, but we’re upping my dose to 1 1/2 vials of Menopur, or 112.5 IU. Guys, sometimes it’s actually painful that my updates for you must be so boring.

So we had a little talk with the doctor, who didn’t really say anything new. Except more encouraging things, which is fine–great, even. Let’s see, what did she say that was encouraging?

1. “You have lots of antral follicles.” No one had told me that before, and I was glad to hear it. She said this was a good indicator of my fertility. Yay.

2. The long stimulation time is consistent with my diagnosis of hypothalamic amenorrhea. I said I was concerned by the fact that I had read online that treatment is supposed to take 7-10 days, but it obviously takes much longer for me. She said that that’s an average for people who are undergoing FSH treatment, but that’s not just people with my problem. That includes people who are undergoing IVF for other reasons. Even women with PCOS, she said, tend to respond quickly to FSH treatment. Because she thinks I have hypothalamic amenorrhea, it’s not surprising that I don’t respond quickly. She’s still reluctant to start me out on higher doses, because of our strong desire to avoid multiples.

3. I’m very young. She said that is one of the two most important things to have on your side when you’re trying to get pregnant. The other, she said, is a husband. (I don’t see why a boyfriend or a genetically gifted friend with benefits isn’t just as good, though.)

4. “You’re going to get pregnant.” She said if there were any problem to wish for, this would be it–women with hypothalamic amenorrhea overwhelmingly (like 90%) become pregnant within a year. She said she wished all her patients were like me, then she’d have a 100% success rate. That was sort of nice to hear.

She understands that what is hard is the long drawn-out process. As my husband put it, if we knew for certain that at the end of this we would be pregnant, it might not seem so painful. But we’re going to plug along with this because we are not ready to go to IVF. We’ve only tried twice. We’ll see how we feel after four to six tries.

I finally made an appointment with the nutritionist she recommended, too. I figure it’s probably a good idea–can’t hurt, anyway. I’ve been feeling so fat and yucky lately, maybe she can make me feel like I’m doing the right thing with regard to my nutrition.

That’s all. Next ultrasound is on Thursday. I think what we’re learning is not to expect anything to happen for awhile each time we start a cycle. Too bad I still have to go in twice a week.



  1. patti said,

    Yeah, it’s frustrating to go in twice a week for ultrasounds, but wow, at least the conversation with the doctor seemed to give all good answers. I hope you walk away from that feeling a bit better (and I sense you did). I know it’s hard to be patient, but your doc thinks it’s a given that you’ll get pregnant so on dark days, try to hang on to that (you can tell me to bugger off whenever you like).

  2. Mel said,

    I am so glad she at least made you feel better!! That’s why we pay them the big bucks, we have to trust them. I was doing 3 u/s’s a week there for a while and I thought I might just kick myself in the head. (especially at $250/ea-ugh!!)
    It’s so hard to find patience in all of this, but you are strong enough, I know you can pull through and I am hoping with all my might that you will end up with your little baby very soon.

  3. sara said,

    Sorry for my lack of commenting, but I just wanted to say hi and that I’m glad the doctor is remaining so optomistic. I hope you had a good scan today, and that it was much more gentle that this last one! Can’t wait to see your update, and it’s never too long to read – I enjoy hearing about them!

  4. patti said,

    Hey Tam,

    Thanks for the comment. I dont’ have another ultrasound until I’m 18 weeks (which is mid August). I see my midwife on July 21st and have the final blood draw for the integrated prenatal screening that week, too. Other than that, I’m just coasting. 🙂

    Hope your day is an excellent one – you’re so sweet!

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