So this is what they were worried about.

July 21, 2008 at 9:52 am (Uncategorized)

There’s a reason I haven’t been posting much lately. It’s because nothing much has been going on and I didn’t feel like boring myself by having to write about it. However, today, several ultrasounds and at least one increased dosage later (I’ve been at two vials for the last week or so), we saw FOUR potential follicles: two at 14 mm, one at 15 mm, and one at 16 mm (actually, I can’t remember if two were at 14 or two were at 16…it didn’t seem to matter at this point). All of a sudden, we were having a very different conversation than any we had had before. Seriously, I was not expecting to hear the words “selective reduction” any time soon, but suddenly, there they were.

Let me back up a bit. On Thursday, after having been on 2 vials for several days, we went in and saw what we thought was one 13 mm follicle in my left ovary, but the nurse wasn’t even entirely positive. She told us to continue the 2 vials through Sunday, and have sex over the weekend (“Sunday night, and maybe Saturday night too…”–we found this to be frustratingly vague, as I will soon explain–funny how it doesn’t matter anymore) because she wouldn’t be able to see us until Monday, at which point we would see where we were and very likely take the trigger shot.

On Thursday, these instructions seemed simple enough. But the more we thought about it, the more confused and concerned we became. We were always told that once the follicles hit 12 or 13 mm, they grow about 2 mm a day. That would mean we could expect to be at 21 mm on Monday, but the nurse has always had me trigger at 18 mm. We were worried–would 21 mm be too late? And if not, then why were we having sex over the weekend anyway? And what if we had sex over the weekend, but then triggered on Monday and were instructed to have sex Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday? Would we run out of sperm? Would we run out of steam?

Saturday night, as it turned out, was not a great night for us to have sex, so we agreed to do it the following morning. Didn’t seem like it would matter, since it didn’t seem likely that I would ovulate on my own before then. So we did, Sunday morning, and then fretted all day about whether we should ALSO do it Sunday night. I mean, those Sunday night sperm would only be hanging around about 12 hours longer than the Sunday morning sperm–did the benefits of doing it Sunday night outweigh the harms, which could be needlessly wasting sperm and, frankly, interest in sex?

We did it last night, and just hoped for the best. We planned to bombard the nurse with all of our questions and concerns in the morning.

So yeah, as it turns out, we didn’t get much of a chance. When we saw four follicles (“and there could be more, it’s kind of hard to tell,” said the nurse–sweet.), we gulped. The nurse said, “I would go ahead with this many. But you should know that if it happens [and we all know what “it” is here] with more than two, then you will have to think about selective reduction.” I jumped in with, “I have no problem with that.” I’m not saying I’d relish the idea, I just wanted to make it clear that I would do it without hesitation if necessary, though I’m sure it would be very difficult. My husband held back on that a bit, but I know he feels the same way as I do. It would be hard for both of us.

The good news is, we get to take a break from having sex for a few days (three cheers! uhh, j/k). The other good news is, we have follicles. We are also stopping all meds for today and tomorrow and coming back in on Wednesday in hopes that there will only be one or two that are ready to go. Also good news: I DO respond to this stuff, eventually.

I would be really happy if we had two follicles. I just feel like it would be much more likely to work. I would be okay with three, I think, but would be genuinely nervous about having twins and, well, pretty much unwilling to have triplets. But we’ll see, we’ll see. Trying not to count my chickens, trying not to get ahead of myself. I really just hope we don’t have to cancel this cycle.

I’ve been keeping up with everybody’s blogs, but have been incredibly busy at work so my commenting has been spotty. I’ll try to be better.


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  1. Mel said,

    Just think, though, you are really upping your odds for having it happen this month. 4 is not enough to cancel, for certain. The odds of more than one or two fertilizing are slim and if it happens, you will deal with that when you get there.
    I am just so excited for you!!! 4 times the chance it will happen this month! Woo-hoo!! (total WaMu commercial moment)
    Also, just a sidebar, I often had multiple follicles show up just before trigger and then the next time we’d go in a few would have shrunk, so definitely don’t worry about it and just go with the flow.
    Nothing but positive energy coming your way from me.

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