July 23, 2008 at 9:59 am (Uncategorized)

Two big-enough follicles, one in each ovary. She wants us to wait until tomorrow so that they’re both mature (she’s averaging them at something like 16 mm and 18 mm or something), and then we trigger.

I am very happy with this for many reasons, all of which I have talked about before. I mean, nothing surprising–ovulating means a chance of getting pregnant, and ovulating two eggs means a better chance. But when we realized I would be ovulating two eggs, my husband got nervous. He said to the nurse, “Would the doctor be okay with two? She didn’t want her to have twins…” And I explained: “Because I’m small, she’s worried about me carrying twins.” The nurse then talked about selective reduction, and what’s actually involved, which was definitely sort of horrifying. But she said she would go ahead with this and just see what happens. We agreed.

Back in the car, my husband said he would probably have a problem with selective reduction. I said what I had been thinking: “You know, it’s not like women who are 5′ tall don’t have twins sometimes.” In fact, this lady had triplets, and I can’t find the post where she says it, but I’m pretty sure she is no more than 5′ tall (and possibly even shorter). My husband said about carrying twins, “It’s really hard.” His boss’ wife had twins, and I guess she had a hard time of it. Bedrest, etc. Even my doctor described it as “a bear.”

So I’m nervous. But I want to be pregnant. And I’m willing to take the risk.



  1. Mel said,

    Good news!!!
    If it makes you feel any better, the odds of twins with two follicles is still something in the area of only like 8-12%, so that’s a small shot! Especially when you consider how darn hard it is to just get one to fertilize every month! Sheesh!
    I am so glad you are going ahead with the cycle and am so hopeful for this one for you!!

  2. patti said,

    I wouldn’t worry about the twin factor too much. Yeah, it can be hard, but as you said, it’s not impossible.

    In fact, there’s no guarantee you wouldn’t have a “bear” of a time with just one, right? It’s all up to chance/fate/the Universe/God.

    I think you just have to trust that what happens is exactly what is meant to happen and that you can handle anything God puts in your way!

  3. Angie said,

    Yay!! I am so excited for you – two follicles is so encouraging! I say go for it – if you do end up with twins (and the odds are against you), I’m sure you won’t regret it for a minute. And health-wise, I don’t think it is totally crazy. I’m sure there are plenty of others out there who are shorter than average and have had healthy twin pregnancies.
    I’m happy for you and keeping my fingers crossed all the way!!

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