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September 15, 2008 at 4:01 pm (Uncategorized)

Still waiting to talk to the doctor about next time, because it was the nurse who called with my results. I am still planning to see that other doctor if this doesn’t work. I will make the appointment before I know whether it did or not, most likely.

I was right–having dealt with this on Thursday/Friday made it easier to take now. It was briefly bad, in part because I started spotting in the bathroom this afternoon, which I knew could be my period except I thought that would be extremely weird since I’m still on progesterone and have never gotten my period until a day or two after stopping the progesterone, so I kind of got my hopes up thinking maybe it was the kind of spotting it seems so many pregnant women have at around this time. But no, it’s definitely a negative.

I wonder if I’ll ever get pregnant. I really do.



  1. Mel said,

    I wish you lived here, I’d send you to my RE. I want everyone to get a chance to have such a wonderful RE as I did. Maybe this new doctor will be the change you need? My first RE missed a lot of things he picked up on, and if it hadn’t been for the change I know for a fact it never would have happened for me.
    Thinking of you.

  2. Angie said,

    I am so sorry to hear the news. I agree, maybe a new RE is the key. I do believe it will happen for you, you just have to keep your head up and keep trying. Both easier said than done, I know.

    Like you, I took a test a couple days before so I was mentally prepared. While staring that that stupid single line is awful, at least you have a couple days to “brace” yourself, ya know? Yup, there is pretty much nothing good about any of this. Just know that I am rooting for you and that I really, really believe that it will happen for you. It took me 18 long months get conceive my son but he was worth every miserable cycle. I just have to keep telling myself that as I sit here beginning cycle 23. Oh, god. Did I just say 23?? Nope, nothing good about any of this.

  3. Lady Bits said,

    Keep going Tam. I know how tiring this all is. I am thinking of you.

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