Dr. New Guy

October 1, 2008 at 4:51 pm (Uncategorized)

Where have you been all my life? Or at least since January when we started this mess?

So yes, we went in for our consultation with Dr. New Guy today, and he was great. There was a feeling with him that you don’t get with my current RE, like he’s thinking about this stuff a little more than she is, maybe personalizing it for me a bit more. It’s hard to describe. He definitely expressed that he would do things differently than how she has done them. He said that most doctors don’t go for the long, incredibly slow stimulation approach like she has been doing. He said he would be more aggressive and now that we see that my ovaries don’t respond until a certain dosage, he would start me there. He thinks it’s important to try and get a normal-length cycle rather than allow it to be as long as it wants to simply because we’re afraid of ovulating more than one egg. He also said he doesn’t think it’s a big deal to ovulate more than one egg (I’m not sure how he would feel about more than two), and in fact he would like me to ovulate two eggs per cycle because it doubles our chances of conceiving, and the chances of twins remains low–like 5%. With regard to the length of the cycle, he said that we don’t know exactly what happens “on the follicular level” when a cycle gets drawn out that long, but that it concerns him. Since we’re artificially stimulating the ovaries, maybe the best eggs aren’t the ones to ultimately be released as they would be in a natural cycle (if I had one), and he thinks that having a cycle that is more normal in length is more likely to produce the same results as a natural cycle. So basically, his approach would be: more medication, more eggs, shorter cycles.

He also said he thinks at our age we should have gotten pregnant within the first two cycles, and that he thinks it has been the extreme length of my cycles that has caused the problem. I didn’t know how to feel about this–on the one hand, it made me feel crappy, like maybe it’s not the length of the cycles (which must not always be problematic, given that my current RE has done this treatment with other people many times before) and that maybe something else is wrong. But on the other hand, it obviously made me feel hopeful that maybe if he treated us, he would change things and it would work.

He gave me an ultrasound (for free! If you disregard the $420 consultation fee (which was well worth it, I might add)) because he said he wanted to get a look at my ovaries to see if they looked normal, or if they had the PCOS “look” to them. Fortunately, he said they look completely normal and he does not think I have any variant of PCOS, based also on my endocrine levels in the past. So hypothalamic amenorrhea it is, again. Which is fine.

So the plan is to finish out the cycle we’re on and hope that it works. If it doesn’t, I think we’ll just start seeing this guy. Who is more expensive, but who makes me feel a lot more comfortable, at least at the moment. I guess ultimately I like that he would do things differently. It would be like starting fresh.

His ultrasound machine was totally fancier than the one I’m used to looking at, too.

Oh yeah, and based on how things are looking, I may be triggering on Saturday. Hopefully with two follicles! (AND a much shorter cycle than usual!)



  1. Mel said,

    Go with your gut. My second RE immediately made me feel at ease and as if his approach was TAILORED for us specifically. A lot of doctors don’t do that and don’t give you that feeling. It’s worth the money.
    I’ll admit my cycles were longer than average with mine (longest was 45 days) but subsequent ones were shorter as he tweaked and figured my body out. Yours lasted so long EVERY time. And he is right about having 2 follicles and ending up with only one baby. Think of all the IVFs out there that transferred 2-3 embryos and STILL only ended up with ONE baby. Odds are in your favor, honey.

  2. sully said,

    Best of luck with this cycle – hopefully you won’t need him, but yay for new doctor!

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