Shortest cycle ever

October 3, 2008 at 5:21 pm (Uncategorized)

Hi guys. We are triggering tonight with (hopefully) two follicles. Yeehaw! That means I should be ovulating on Cycle Day 19. Not too shabby for me; in fact I’d say this is a record.

Now that I have something new and shiny to compare her to, my doctor is totally bugging me. Today I had a follicle that measured 16 x 17 mm in my right ovary and one that measured 20 x 13 in my left ovary. She said we should trigger tonight. I asked her, “If we trigger tonight, will the one in the right ovary be big enough to ovulate?” She said, “Oh yes, that’s a big one. It’s 20 mm.” I was confused. I sort of repeated the question (“the RIGHT ovary?”) and she said the same thing. I figured I must have been mistaken when I heard her measure it…in fact, I had only heard the “16 mm” so perhaps in the other direction it was 20 mm. But then I snuck a glance at the chart and sure enough, the one in the right ovary was 16 x 17 and the one in the left was 20 x 13. So I said, “Oh, I’m sorry, what I meant was, will the one that is 16 x 17 be mature enough to go if we trigger tonight?” She said, “Oh yes, because we go by the biggest one.” I said, “Oh really? So even if one is smaller than it would normally be when you trigger, it will release an egg if there is a bigger one that is mature enough?” And her response was, and see if you can follow me here,

“Yes, because we don’t want the big one to sit around.”

Do you see what happened here? It’s subtle. What happened was she wasn’t listening to me. I was asking her whether, if we trigger tonight, the 16 x 17 mm follicle will release an egg. She was answering the question of whether she was sure we should trigger tonight. See that? Two different questions.

I just said, “Okay.” There was nothing for me to argue about. I’m not going to point out to her that she didn’t directly answer my question, since it was clear we should trigger tonight. Then she hugged me and asked me if I wanted a picture of my ovary and I said no thanks, I had others. And she said, “Okay, we’ll just take a picture of the baby!” I laughed weakly.

You could say the bloom is off the rose.

So anywayz, that’s what’s going on here. Lots of weekend sex, and no drinking on my birthday next Friday (it’s my first annual 29th! ha ha ha!).

Oh, I forgot to tell you guys about something else Dr. New Guy said that kind of disturbed me with regard to what we’ve been doing thus far. Remember how I wanted to confirm with my current doctor that ovulation had occurred? Remember how she kind of acted like I was asking an awful lot of questions as compared to most of her patients, but fine, we’d do a progesterone test 7 days after ovulation to prove I ovulated? And that no, we needn’t do an ultrasound to confirm ovulation because that was a highly expensive and unreliable way of telling whether I had ovulated because the follicle could appear to be intact after ovulation even if the egg had been released? Yeah, well, I’m not sure if I told you guys ALL of those details, but they are essentially true. I’m probably putting a more negative spin on it now that I feel I have an alternative to her, but whatevs.

So anyway, when we met with Dr. New Guy we told him we had done that progesterone test to confirm ovulation. He said, “She didn’t do an ultrasound to confirm it?” I said no and explained her reasoning. WELL. As it turns out, according to Dr. New Guy (who could easily be as wrong as I am making the current doctor out to be, but just go with it), not only can you tell from an ultrasound whether ovulation has occurred because the follicle goes away and a corpus luteum forms which appears as a solid mass, BUT a PROGESTERONE TEST can be unreliable to confirm ovulation because a follicle can luteinize without rupturing, which will create progesterone, etc.!!!!! If he is right, my progesterone test might have been meaningless, and I totally should have been having confirmatory ultrasounds all this time. Fuck me. I still don’t even know for sure that I’m ovulating (even though I probably am). He said a progesterone level of 12 (which is what I had) probably means I ovulated. But it’s not certain.

This is what I like about him. He EXPLAINS SHIT. I always get the feeling from my current doctor that she’s basically like, “Don’t worry about WHY it works this way. Let us worry about that. Just do what we say.” And then it turns out she’s not even paying attention sometimes and I have to correct her. It’s just irritating and unsettling. We are definitely moving on to the new guy if this one doesn’t work.

And it’s nice to have that to look forward to if we are unsuccessful once again.



  1. lisa said,

    I just had something similar occur, except my doctor/nurse are like Mr. NEW GUY and explain things. Last cycle I had multiple follicles, however, only one of them was the right size and the doctor told me they didn’t want to waste it by waiting for the others to catch up. Although disappointed, I at least had it explained.

    I’ve been pretty happy with my RE and haven’t thought of getting a second opinion (primarily because this is my only option through my insurance). And after reading multiple blogs I don’t think I’ve found two protocols the same. I’ve seen different opinions on whether to have two IUIs back-to-back or on separate days and I’ve never had an ultrasound to confirm my ovulation. My numbers have always looked real good (nothing borderline). But I do think you need to be working with someone you have a level of comfort with. We’ve got enough stress going on…

    good luck!

  2. patti said,

    Hey lady,

    Don’t worry about dropping off the planet for a bit. All bloggers do it at some point or another, so no worries!

    Having said that, it’s great to see you back AND it’s wonderful that (a) you’re ovulating so quickly this time and (b) Dr. New Guy sounds like a different version of a McDreamy. Maybe not good looking, but a dream doctor for someone struggling to get pregnant, nonetheless.

    Will keep everything crossed that you won’t need his services, but I’m glad you found him!

  3. dana said,

    Hola chica! So….it’s kinda funny (to me, not you) that you blogged about the whole “can you tell if I’ve ovluated” question. I’ve been having this argument for over a year with a good friend of mine. My Dr says yes…hers says no. My Dr sounds a lot like your Dr. New Guy and I’m often telling my girlfriend what he is saying but her Dr totally tells her something different. Oh well. As a pp said, I think each Dr has different protocols, which really is unfortunate.

    Much luck this cylce!

    p.s. Happy (early) Birthday!

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