October 15, 2008 at 9:27 pm (Uncategorized)

I don’t think it worked this time. As I said earlier, I started having those cramps today that I’ve had in all my other cycles. Also, my boobs hurt less than they did yesterday. I know progesterone is what causes them to hurt, and I am taking progesterone supplements, but I suspect my natural progesterone started to go down today or something. Anyway, it sucks. I feel sad, so I’m eating two brownies tonight instead of just one.



  1. dana said,

    Agh. There really is a lot I could say, though none of it would be original. And I’m sure none of it would inspire. But…

    It is ok to feel sad – you’d be silly not to! And it’s ok to weep. To wallow a bit. And to get angry. And to eat two brownies instead of one.

    If this cycle failed (and I’m holding onto hope for you until it’s confirmed), I think Dr. New Guy will be able to help – from what I’ve read. Perhaps, this is where preparation and opportunity will meet, resulting in a bit of luck….and then some.

    Sorry I’m not much help.

    Don’t know if you’re religious/spiritual but I am keeping you in my prayers – hope that is alright.


  2. sully said,

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you – I had a situation like this too…complete with spotting and cramping, and it was the opposite of what I thought. Try and hang in there.


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