October 18, 2008 at 7:47 am (Uncategorized)

There is most certainly a glass of wine with my name on it at tonight’s dinner. One with Patti‘s name on it too, ’cause I keep my promises. I’m selfless like that.



  1. lisa said,

    Have some wine…you may want to bring a bottle to replenish what you drink 🙂

    Here’s hoping for better news next time.

  2. Mel said,

    Once, when I unhappily got reminded I was not pregnant by the evil presence of my period, I decided to make the absolute worst night possible for myself. We ate sushi, smoked cigars, drank more wine than I care to ever admit and went to a twenty something’s night club in the city and danced until the place shut down. You deserve a night like that.

  3. Anonymous said,

    Well, shit.

    I hope you enjoyed your wine, as much as possible. Is it pathetic that I ALWAYS have one unopened bottle in my fridge for the day I get my period? And I always drink the entire bottle that night?


  4. dana said,

    ^^ from dana

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