I hope he and the hamster will be very happy together.

October 23, 2008 at 5:11 pm (Uncategorized)

Another day, another semen analysis. Two, actually.

Apparently my husband’s sperm penetrated the hamster egg(s? not sure how many they use in the test) in a good and normal manner. After Monday, when I said I didn’t know what result I wanted, I realized that this actually was the result I wanted, so that’s good. Yeah, Monday I just felt horrible, desperate and so sad. It turns out I really needed sleep. I felt much better after that. I still feel anxious and am wondering why this isn’t working, and there are only so many other things we can rule out as we do each of these tests. We learned today that it is (probably) not sperm function, so what else is there? Cervical mucous? I’ll ask about it tomorrow at my ultrasound. Oh yeah, we also still have to confirm I’m ovulating. But also, I forgot to mention the other semen analysis, which was, for the third time, totally normal and good. Tons of sperm, plenty of motility, etc. My husband was really worried that it might have started to go downhill because his varicoceles have been bothering him so much lately, particularly this “new” one on the right. He wants to get surgery to correct them, but the doctor said “Let’s get your wife pregnant first,” and now I’m sure the doctor will stress that even more in light of the fact that his sperm are in good shape on all fronts.

I have been on 75 IU of Menopur and 75 IU of Bravelle daily since Monday–much more than the starting dose I was doing with my former RE of 37.5 IU of Menopur a day. Funny how it never occurred to her that I NEVER responded until she upped it to at least 112.5 IU. I have been feeling it in my ovaries more than usual, I think, so hopefully we’ll see something good tomorrow. But it has only been four days of injectables, after all. Tomorrow will be Cycle Day 7.

And anyway, can I really expect better results doing pretty much the same thing with a new doctor? Okay, I know it’s not the exact same thing, but I still feel like if everything is in working order, it should have worked by now how we were doing it before. Is there any chance a shorter cycle and a couple of extra follicles (if we even achieve either of those things) will do the trick?

Sigh. Why does so much of this have to involve waiting?



  1. patti said,

    There are a couple of things I will say here that may want you to tell me to go get stuffed, but here I go anyway:

    As for what’s “wrong” and why you haven’t gotten pregnant, just remember that even people that aren’t doing fertility treatments (and who have nothing wrong with them) can take a year (or sometimes longer) to get pregnant. There may be nothing wrong with you at all other than the ovulation thing (which this doc seems to be fighting more aggressively) and then it’s just a matter of luck.

    Regarding your comment where you asked if a shorter cycle and a couple of extra follicles will do the trick, just remember: it only takes ONE follicle meeting up with the swimmers in the right situation to get pregnant. Sure, more follicles mean higher odds of that happening, but it still only takes one.

    I can feel your sadness and weariness. I know what you’re going through. I wish there was more I could do to cheer you up, but all I can say is hang in there. You’re on the right track, I just know it. There is NO reason you can’t get pregnant if they can’t find something wrong, right?

    I’m here, cheering you on. đŸ™‚

  2. dana said,

    I hope you got (or will get) good news today. Crossing my fingers (and other things, lol)…..

  3. Michelle said,

    Just a question…. my RE claims that Menopur and Bravelle are the same thing (just different brand names) and can be taken interchangeably… are you taking both for convenience, or has your doctor put you on both on purpose?

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