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November 1, 2008 at 10:40 am (Uncategorized)

We’re doing an IUI.

When I went in on Wednesday, I had great mucous but my follicles weren’t ready. On Friday (yesterday), I knew my mucous wasn’t as good anymore, and I told the doctor. He looked at it and said it looked fine, but admitted it was not as copious (mmm!!!) as last time. The follicles were at 15, 16 and 17. He told me to do one more day of Menopur, yesterday, and to trigger today, Saturday. And, he said, “I want to do an insemination.”

I guess he was concerned that the mucous was decreasing and that by the time I would ovulate, there wouldn’t be enough. I asked if we should have intercourse at all, and he said to do so today, Saturday, but not tomorrow. And we will do the insemination on Monday.

I am fine with doing an insemination, but I am nervous and a little frustrated. I cried a little to the doctor, telling him I was disappointed. Frankly, I didn’t feel like the follicles had really grown in two days, but he thought they had. I didn’t ask him about this, but I wonder now if the follicles will even be ready today. He said I would ovulate two, and MAYBE three. I just don’t see how the smaller one would ovulate, and I’m even skeptical about the middle-sized one. He even said to me that my follicles were not following a two-millimeter-a-day growth pattern, so now I’m sort of wondering why any of them should go. But, as the nurse assured me, “he’s really good; he’s the best.” So I guess I should just trust him.

One thing that was annoying was that my husband and I had not had the blood tests done that you apparently have to have had in order to get an insemination. I was able to do the test while in the office yesterday, but my husband had to make a special trip early this morning, the Saturday after Halloween. And we were out until 2 am at a party…poor guy.

So the insemination is Monday morning. At that time we will also do a scan to confirm ovulation has happened…I hope it has by then! But if not I guess I’ll go in on Tuesday…election day…also dentist appointment day…also the day I have something difficult due at work. Ugh.

Instead of Ovidrel, I’m doing Novarel. Does anyone have any experience with this? Anything interesting to say about it?



  1. dana said,

    Hoping you had (have) great success this morning! Prayers for you!

  2. Mel said,

    Hope that IUI went great this AM!!! Don’t stress it all… I am sure your Doc knows what he’s doing. I think mine were usually 17-19 by the time we triggered.
    *hugs* and good thoughts

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