December 17, 2008 at 12:04 pm (Uncategorized)

Yes, they’re my first, thanks. I get to do what I’ve read about so many other women having to do–take a month off and go on the pill for three weeks to suppress them. The doctor said they are not otherwise problematic.

Also, rewind: when he walked in, he was shaking his head and he said, “It was supposed to work this time.” I said, “You’re telling us.”

He reiterated that he wants to try one more good cycle like this last one. Then, if it doesn’t work, it looks like it will be time to go to IVF. Because we don’t know if my tubes are picking up the eggs, we don’t know if my husband’s sperm are penetrating the eggs, etc.

I’m ready. The doctor said we would be pregnant “soon.” But, you know, they’ve all said that.

Sigh. A forced break means I get to drink during ALL the holidays. So there’s that.



  1. Mel said,

    Ugh! Bummer!!!! That sucks about the cysts. Enjoy your holidays, though, seriously. The pause is a pain, but we breaked over the holidays last year and I am so thankful we did. I honestly looked at the impending new year as a fresh new chance to start over and readjust my attitude and thinking. Who knows? 2009 is hopefully the year for you, girl.

  2. dana said,

    I’m a little late but….

    Sorry about the cysts. I’ve only had one and opted not to go on the pill and wait it out. Thankfully, it cleared up w/i one cycle. I’m sure yours will, too.

    DH and I took a break last year from Thanksgiving until January. It was nice. Really nice, actually. And I, too, enjoyed a few drinks. Ok, maybe more than a few. I didn’t realize exactly how stressed and hormonal I was until then…yes, a break does the body good.

    Hang in there, sugar.


  3. patti said,

    Hi there,

    Know I’m late with this, but I hope you had a great Christmas and enjoy the New Year’s festitivities as well.

    I know that 2009 is going ot be your year, so enjoy this last hurrah with booze and all the stuff you’re not “supposed” to eat when pregnant.

    Your time is coming, Tam, I can feel it in my bones.

    *Hugs* and happy holidays!

  4. dana said,

    Just checking in on you…

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