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January 13, 2009 at 11:13 am (Uncategorized)

I am going to try acupuncture!! With a fertility acupuncture specialist!! I am seriously excited about this. My appointment is on Saturday.

That lady-couple I spoke with last week thought this acupuncturist made a huge difference. One of them has PCOS and had never had regular periods in her life. She said as long as she was having weekly appointments and drinking this tea this acupuncturist lady gave her, she had regular 30-day periods.

This woman also apparently was the one who told them to get fresh sperm rather than using frozen donor sperm, and apparently that worked for them too.

My fertility doctor said he thinks acupuncture is good as long as it doesn’t add to my stress (by taking up more time than I feel I can afford). I was told that I got this acupuncture doctor’s last Saturday opening–I can’t believe my luck.

Maybe I’m pinning too much on this, but I’m just so excited about trying something new.

That is all. Thanks for listening, friends.


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  1. dana said,

    Yay! You’ll have to keep us posted…I’m interested to see what you think of acupunture. I’ve been tooling around w/ the idea for about a year (though now for different reasons, lol).

    I’m so excited for you! Going to check back, for sure, on Saturday/Sunday for an update!!

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