I wanted to write so much sooner

January 25, 2009 at 3:21 pm (Uncategorized)

But I have been trying to do more work at work and less other stuff at work. And by the time I get home, I just don’t want to do anything. Why am I making up excuses? I’m sure you all have better things to do than worry about where I’ve been for a week…

But thanks so much for your comments. I really appreciate knowing what you guys think about all of this, and what you think I should do. Because it’s all sort of weird and surprising to me. But there have been new developments.

Monday I went in for a follicle scan and did not get to see my doctor. I had to see another doctor in their practice of five. Why? Because, I learned, one of the other doctors in the practice (the only woman, in fact), had died THAT VERY MORNING, of pneumonia she had contracted about a month earlier. She was 60 years old, way too young to die of anything, much less pneumonia. I later learned that she is my doctor’s ex-wife and the mother of his kids, and that even though they are divorced, they obviously still worked together and apparently spent every holiday together, even when the kids weren’t around. Yikes. I felt, and still feel, just terrible about it. I had never met her, but the fact that my doctor was so close with her made me feel it more than I probably otherwise would have.

The sub doctor was fine, but a little weird and I didn’t like him quite as much as my doc. We triggered on Wednesday and had an insemination on Friday morning. Then, because I hadn’t ovulated yet when I went in on Friday, the sub doc said we should do another insemination on Saturday morning. We have never done two inseminations before, and in this case I suspected it was a little superfluous because I was probably going to ovulate shortly after the first insemination, but we went along with it.

The good thing was that Saturday’s insemination was done by my real doctor, who agreed it was probably a “bonus round.” This was our first time seeing him since learning the news about his ex, so we gently offered our sympathies and he responded very appropriately, I thought. My husband said, “We are very sorry about what happened. It’s terrible.” And my doctor just said, “Yes…”, but not in an overly sad way or an uncomfortable way or anything. And then we moved on and honestly, it was the best session I think we have ever had with him. He was actually MORE jokey and more willing to laugh at our jokes, and very conversational and helpful. And I finally got a chance to bring up my questions about what the acupuncture doctor had said. Fully expecting him to say, “You can try it if you want to but I doubt it will have much effect,” I launched into my spiel about how she said I didn’t need treatment and she could bring back my period naturally. To my shock, he actually interrupted me and said, “She may be able to.” He said, “But if you want to do that, we like you to do it for 90 days. Well, 60-90 days. They say it takes about 60 days to reach a balance.” He also said, “The good thing about that is that it’s your body choosing the follicles, not the hormones we’re giving you.” And he said that if we didn’t get pregnant that way, we could do IVF but it would work better because my body would be helping the process along…or something like that. But long story short, he gave us the full go-ahead on it, and I am pretty excited about it even though it will likely mean waiting awhile longer before getting pregnant.

But if this woman could make me normal, that would be absolutely amazing. I just wish someone had told me about this before.

A bonus was that my doctor knew the acupuncture doctor well and said she is wonderful.

So that’s that. We’re moving along with this cycle, obviously, and who knows? Maybe it will work. Obviously I want it to, but…well, you know what I’m going to say. I’m not pinning all my hopes on it, and now we have a backup plan.



  1. dana said,

    I can’t believe you already had your IUI! I swear, sometimes these cycles just seem to run together, huh? Anyway, fingers crossed and all that jazz…and am SO happy your dr was on board w/ the accupunture! Very sad tho about his ex.

  2. Mel said,

    I had a doctor that died once and it was so bizarre. Just called up one day and they informed me she was no longer alive. Stunning much?
    I am glad everything went so well with the IUIs and I am intrigued to hear more about the acupuncture deal when and if that becomes your main course of action. I hear lots of great things about it but have a hard time getting past the whole zillion tiny needles all over my body thing. 😉

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