January 29, 2009 at 10:17 am (Uncategorized)

In the last cycle, I experienced for the first time the small amount of pain and surprising amount of bloating that can result from the stimulation and trigger shot. I don’t know why it had never really happened to me before, but in 7 cycles, that was the first time.

It is worse with this cycle. Significantly worse. And I don’t know why, because everything has been pretty much the same this cycle. But I am bloated enough that even though I had actually *lost* several pounds as of two days ago, I am back up several pounds even though my eating has remained the same and, to be frank, my butt is as small as it was before. I look pregnant, and I don’t even get to say I’m pregnant. I am really uncomfortable. Walking, sitting, peeing…everything hurts. Not severely, but enough that it’s hard to think about other stuff. And pants are too tight.

I know we’ve all had to deal with this, but this just makes me so sick of all this hyperstimulation. I can’t wait to just try and get my period on my own. I really hope it works. Or, obviously, that I’m pregnant this time and don’t have to deal with that at all.

My concern now is that this means I’m going to have another big cyst (or more than one) at the end of this cycle. If so, I’m not sure if I can just go right into the acupuncture and herb protocol. And I REALLY don’t want to go back on the pill. I will definitely ask my acupuncture doctor when I see her on Saturday.

My other concern is that, if this is how I feel from this amount of stimulation, what’s going to happen if I do IVF?

I know, whine whine whine.

Tell me, those of you who have experienced this bloating and swollen ovaries thing. What am I supposed to do with this? Drink lots of fluids? If that, then anything else?


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