Don’t leave me

February 2, 2009 at 2:33 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m sorry I’ve been terrible about commenting lately. I am trying really hard to spend a lot of time working, as my job could be on the line. But I am reading what is going on with you guys diligently and devotedly.

I wish I had better news to report, but today, 10 dpo, I started feeling the same inexplicable weird cramping I’ve felt in every 2ww cycle so far, the thing which has never once meant pregnancy. So I’m feeling sort of down today.

And that is all. I am supposed to test on Friday, though I probably could earlier than that. I don’t know. I wish I didn’t have to think about this at all. I wish this would just be THE time.




  1. Mel said,

    I hope it’s THE time, too. My heart hurts for you, it’s been unfairly long and I think you are doing great… *hugs*

  2. Callie said,

    Hi! Sorry to hear things are tough at your job right now. I really do hope things work out for you all around – both on the job front and with this cycle. I completely hear what you’re saying about wishing you didn’t have to think about this stuff all the time… wondering what every twinge means, trying to stay positive (because that’s what we think we have to do) while at the same time keeping hopes and expectations in check in an attempt to minimize the hurt if it doesn’t go our way. It’s incredibly taxing. Like Mel, I very much hope this is the time for you as well!!

    (BTW, you may know me by my old name – Patience Song. Back up and running under a new name!)

    Take care!!

  3. dana said,

    Crap. This effin sucks. I wish there was more I could say but just know that I’m still holding out hope…don’t test until Friday.

    Many hugs from miles away….

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