Thank you

February 4, 2009 at 10:34 am (Uncategorized)

..for your sweet and supportive comments. They totally make this blog worth keeping. Since Dana said so, I’m not going to test until Friday. And Callie, what’s the name of your new blog? I was sad when Patience Song went away…

Nothing new to report. Feeling very little of anything these days. The occasional odd light cramp, but also some ovary twinges. And my chin is breaking out rather disgustingly. Otherwise, nothing.

Last Friday I put in a question for my doctor asking if I needed to have a baseline ultrasound to check for cysts if I’m going to go into acupuncture and herbal treatment to bring back my period. I knew I wouldn’t get a response until some time this week. Then on Saturday I asked my acupuncturist if I need to worry about whether I have a cyst before starting her treatment, and she said, “You have baseline ultrasound. If cyst, tell me. No birth control pill.” Then I heard back from my doctor on Monday, who said I do NOT need to have a baseline ultrasound to check for cysts. So I wonder if I can just go see my acupuncturist and say, “I’m not having a baseline, so I might have a cyst. Does it matter?” I feel like she might say it’s fine. I’d rather not spend another $210 on an essentially unnecessary ultrasound.

That’s the latest thrilling news on my front. Wasn’t this a fun post?

I don’t have enough work to do. Argh. But at least I am wearing a cute outfit today. The high-waisted look really works on me. Oh, and yesterday I wore shoes with a platform and heel that add almost 5 inches to my height. Since I’m 5 feet tall, it was totally awesome. I felt like a normal person.

What can I say? I’ve got to get excited about something.



  1. Mel said,

    The real question, however, is are you wearing two belts with your high waisted bottoms? Because you should always wear two belts with high waisted pants a la Jessica Simpson. 😉 Can I tell you how much high heel envy I have right now? I swear to you I am sitting at my desk in slacks, a nice work appropriate shirt and cardigan and ADIDAS FLIP FLOPS. It’s a high of 53 today and I haven’t had a pedicure in at least a year. Smoking hot!

    I wouldn’t spend $210 unnecessarily, either, don’t blame you. I am interested to hear about how your acupuncture stuff goes, I really am. I have a girlfriend who swears that it not only got her pregnant twice but that it also helped her babies turned when they were still breech at the end of her pregnancies.


  2. dana said,

    Eh, I agree w/ Mel on the ultrasound and accupunture stuff. Talk to your lady and see what she says. Hell, she might know more than your doctor! LOL!

    Ah…I’m short, too (5’2″ and 3/4…*chuckle*) and lurve it when I can pull of ridiculously tall pumps. So HAWT! Of course, I can’t always promise I won’t fall flat on my face – actually, you can pretty much guarantee yourself a comedy show when you see me in 5 inch heels. Laugh with me sweets, not at me. 😉

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