A couple of things

March 1, 2009 at 10:07 am (Uncategorized)

Hi. I know it’s been awhile. So I have a few updates for you.

First of all, I think I might be a jinx. That friend I wrote about in my last post, A, who got the BFP, got her period a week later. I guess it was a chemical pregnancy. I’m still waiting to hear about her second beta, but I think this is one of those situations where if she had never tested, she would never have known she got pregnant and would have just thought she had a late period. This now makes three friends of mine who have had two miscarriages in a row. Did I ever mention that my sister-in-law also miscarried this second pregnancy? So she’s not pregnant now either. I’m beginning to think people shouldn’t tell me about their pregnancies until the first trimester is well in the past. I feel terrible for all of them (the third friend is my friend M, but she had her second miscarriage in August and is now healthily into her second trimester), but I will admit that it makes me feel less “behind.” Sorry to sound awful, but I want to be honest. I know they are hurting, and I trust this will right itself for them soon.

Secondly, I’m getting discouraged about the acupuncture and herbal treatment. I have been faithfully drinking my tea twice a day and faithfully going to my acupuncture appointments once a week. After the first week, my acupuncturist said, “I hope your temperature spikes here,” pointing to around Cycle Day 14 on my basal body temperature chart. “If that happens, or if you start to see any EWCM,” google it if you don’t know what that is, “have intercourse.” That week went by and I thought I saw a little EWCM once or twice, but no temp spike. When I saw her on Cycle Day 14, she said, “I hope it happens this week.” It didn’t, and yesterday was Cycle Day 21, and still nothing. Like I said, once or twice I thought I saw a little bit of EWCM, but it has gotten drier lately and I have never seen a temp spike. I’m trying not to give up hope completely and hoping that perhaps my period will come back before my ovulation does (she said that often happens). But it makes me sad to think that what’s probably going to happen is, just like when I’m off all hormones completely (which I guess I am now, but I consider myself as getting treatment at the moment), I will not ovulate and I will not menstruate. Which is really fucking frustrating. Why can this work for so many people, but not for me?

But if we try this for 90 days and nothing happens, we’re just going straight into IVF. And it is good to know we have that option, that backup.

Finally, some good news: my firm had massive layoffs on Friday. Wait, that’s not the good news. That’s crappy news, actually. In fact, I lost one very, very good friend in that layoff. But the good news is that I did not get laid off and this is supposed to be “it.” No more layoffs, no more fear. The whole week was dreadful and we all knew it was coming, but as soon as it happened the air felt clearer. It sucks and it’s probably super easy for me to say that because I wasn’t one of the unlucky ones, but I spoke to my friend who seemed to be in considerably better spirits after it happened. Finally, no more worrying, no more fretting, and he can move on with his life and figure out what he really wants to do. Which wasn’t sticking with my firm. He’s a young guy and has a lot of time to explore and figure stuff out. I definitely think this is a good thing for him in the long run.

And that’s that. As always, thanks for your comments, guys. They make my day.



  1. Mel said,

    Thank heavens you didn’t get laid off! That’s like everyone’s biggest fear right now, I swear. I cannot believe the times.
    90 days is nothing…. it seems like an eternity, but it will fly by, I promise. I think you have a great plan, one that encompasses trying everything. And I think you’ll really be glad you did.

  2. dana in the ATX said,

    Hmm. Not sure what’s going on w/ the accu/tea combo. My friend J said it did nothing for her…and I didn’t want to come back and tell you that b/c well, shit, when you’re looking for life preservers, you don’t want to find only 2 with 3 people in need. WTF? I’m seriously rambling…I’ve done lost my marbles, darlin’! πŸ˜‰

    I agree w/ Mel, 90 days will fly….it sucks right now but if you get to that point, it’ll be here before you know it. And thank gawd for that backup. See…more life preservers in the wings.

    Seriously, wtf is up w/ my comments today? πŸ˜‰

    and a HAY-UGE HOORAY for the lack of a pink-slip on Friday!! Able to breathe now? LOL….so happy for you.

    much love, sweets.

  3. dana said,

    just checking on you, schweets.

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