Riddle me this

May 28, 2009 at 1:57 pm (Uncategorized)

Oh what a clever and original title that I’m sure no blogger has ever used before.

Whatevs, anyway, here’s my situation: I think I ovulated. For more than a week, I had lots of EWCM, which got really clear towards the end. During this period, we had sex about every three days (e.g., Saturday, then Tuesday, then Friday, etc.). Then the EWCM went away and–get this–I think I’ve had a real honest-to-goodness temp rise. It’s tricky and unclear exactly when everything happened because over this past Memorial Day Weekend, around when I think it happened, I drank a little each day so I didn’t bother with my temp the next morning because it is incredibly inaccurate when I drink. But it has generally been in the 97.2 range over the last several weeks, and then on Tuesday it was around 97.5, on Wednesday 97.8, and today it was about 98.1 (by far the highest yet this cycle). The last time we had sex was Sunday evening, and the EWCM pretty much went away after that.

This is all pretty cool and everything, but there are a lot of uncertainties:

1) The obvious one: I don’t really know whether or not I ovulated. Which wouldn’t really matter, except that…

2) My husband and I are leaving for our Hawaii vacation on Sunday. Which is great! But assuming I ovulated approximately this past Monday (which was DAY 51, mind you), that means that our vacation will fall exactly during week 2 of the 2ww, which is exactly when I shouldn’t be drinking. I don’t want you all to think I’m some kind of booze hound, because I’m really not. But I like to enjoy myself with a glass or two, and was really looking forward to forgetting about IF on this vacation and just drinking when I wanted to drink. And honestly, I really don’t know how good the chances are that I could be pregnant, so it would just suck to have to miss that part of the fun of a vacation for no real reason. Especially not knowing for sure that I’ve even ovulated.

3) I picked up my birth control pill prescription just in case I got my period on this trip, so I could start up in preparation for IVF. But if I ovulated….well….should I still do IVF? Should I give acupuncture longer to work its magic? Guys, it has been almost 16 weeks of this, and something has definitely happened (period, EWCM), but can it fix me? Should I be willing to let this go longer?

What should I do? Should I drink lightly or not at all? If it appears I ovulated but then I later get my period, should I start up BCP anyway and move on to IVF, or should I give acupuncture longer to work?



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It has been awhile, hasn’t it?

May 6, 2009 at 2:21 pm (Uncategorized)

Sorry for the hiatus, and thanks to Dana for pulling me out of it. You do sometimes wonder if anyone is out there reading…

It’s partially because there hasn’t been anything to report, really. For awhile both I and my acupuncturist thought I had ovulated on Cycle Day 16, because I had cramps that day and a low temp, followed by some higher temps. But the temps weren’t that high and they dropped after about 5 days or so, but I haven’t gotten my period (and today is Cycle Day 32), and my very low temps pretty much preclude any chance that I am pregnant, so it’s not looking like I ovulated. I did call Dr. M, my western fertility doctor, to ask if he thinks this is all pointless. He simply said, in a written note, as reported by the nurse with whom I was speaking, “Keep doing acupuncture to see if menses become cyclic. If not, come back for IVF.” Of course, this tells me nothing about how long to spend trying to do that, but really all I wanted to know what that this wasn’t a huge waste of precious time. Since he doesn’t think it is, I’ve relaxed a bit, and Dr. Z has let me go onto herbal pills instead of the tea, so this has become really easy.

So I’ve dealt with the disappointment of the fact that even though I did get my period once, I don’t think I’m going to be ovulating any time soon. And I’m using this opportunity of absolutely nothing happening to plan a trip for me and my husband to Hawaii!! It’s looking like it’s going to be early June, but plane ticket prices are being annoying. Anyway, though, this has given me something new to focus on for the time being, which is very very good. After that, I think we’ll move on to IVF. So, I feel like I have lots of good things to look forward to. Life is pretty good.

When I think about IVF, though, I can’t help but be nervous that it won’t work… But I’m ready. Really ready. And really excited to enjoy the time I have before all that starts. Yay!

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