It’s alive!!

June 23, 2009 at 3:54 pm (Uncategorized)

Not to sound morbid or anything. This morning we saw and heard (LOUDLY) a good heartbeat (I didn’t ask the rate but I saw at the bottom of the screen that it seemed to be hovering around 120 beats per minute). The little guy measured 6w3d which, though it is not as far along as I had hoped and as the people at the office suggested it might be based on my beta levels, puts me at ovulating exactly when I thought I did–on May 23. So I feel quite vindicated. And also very, very happy. Very happy indeed.

My progesterone and estrogen levels are good (we tested them again today), so all I have to do is survive and not drink alcohol for two weeks until my next ultrasound. And hope very much that I measure 8w3d that day. Or, you know, even further? Would that be a good thing? An unexpected growth spurt?

My husband was there with me today and I was so glad. Of course, he wouldn’t miss it. The doctor was so sweet about it all. He said everything looked as it should. And after he left, I cried a little. Hearing the heartbeat was really overwhelming. And, like, THERE’S SOMETHING LIVING INSIDE OF ME. Which I guess there always is, like bacteria and stuff. But A HUMAN THIS TIME. With A BEATING HEART.

I’m not sure I will ever get over this.



  1. Mel said,

    One week ahead/behind is totally normal. Our girl fluxuated throughout pregnancy.
    You will never get over it. I promise. 🙂

  2. patti said,

    I didn’t get over it. You won’t.

    I have spent hours looking at Jack and thinking, “YOU were inside me. I GREW you inside my body. You were the bumps in the night, the hiccups, the kicks at loud noises. You were there when I was bleeding and I thought I was going to lose you. It was your heartbeat that I heard on the doppler. It was all you.”

    And it still doesn’t seem real.

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