Hi I know it’s been two long weeks

July 7, 2009 at 10:41 am (Uncategorized)

I guess it didn’t seem like there was much to say until today…

Measuring 8 weeks 3 days today (exactly where I should be after last time), heartbeat 166 bpm. Everything is good and I’ve graduated to a real OB…whom I won’t see until July 30!! How will I survive until then? It seems like forever away.

It still doesn’t feel real to me. Seeing that little white teddy graham on the screen and hearing its heartbeat is breathtaking, but it’s hard to truly feel like it’s really my baby, inside of me and everything. My mom says once you start to feel it kick, it’s a whole different thing.

We’re really happy. I had been planning a post about how inconvenient all these early pregnancy symptoms are–not just the morning sickness, but the absolute dire need to be eating so ridiculously frequently and feeling absolutely like I’m about to pass out if I don’t, even when absolutely nothing sounds appealing to me, etc.–but it just seems ridiculous now (but I’m still glad I got that mini-bitch-fest in :)). My husband and I even had a fight on the way to the doctor’s this morning because I was acting so grouchy about feeling so yucky and like I’m not drinking enough fluids (makes me nauseous) or eating enough healthy stuff (you get the idea). But now that stuff just seems silly. Of course, I’m sure it’ll eke back in little by little, so I’ll enjoy this little high while it lasts.

Our bodies are ridiculously amazing, huh?

Thanks to all of you for hanging out with me through all of this. It’s really, really special to me.


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