A whole month later…

August 6, 2009 at 4:35 pm (Uncategorized)

Sorry about that little lull. I didn’t have any real updates because I didn’t see the doctor for four whole weeks. But I finally saw her (my new OB, whom I really like, by the way) on Monday.

And we saw the baby too! I was supposed to be 12w2d on Monday, but the baby was measuring 13 weeks so they moved my due date up to February 9 from what I had calculated on the internet (February 13). It looked like a person. It was hard to believe, and hard to connect the image on the screen to what was apparently going on inside of me. The nuchal fold ultrasound was normal, so we’re waiting for the lab results. Also results of the rest of my Ashkenazi panel, which apparently was not done in full the first time around at my first RE’s office, well over a year ago. Sweet.

I’ve missed my chance to do CVS, though I guess I probably wouldn’t have anyway, not knowing the results of the triple screen. If there are issues, we’ll probably do an amnio. But I’m very much hoping there are none.

I don’t even know what to say these days. It still feels surreal. I still can’t believe a person is growing inside of me (and occasionally I find myself extremely freaked out by the whole idea). I was pretty nauseous there from about 5 1/2 to 13 or so weeks, but I think that’s finally starting to ease up – yay!! Food still doesn’t taste the same to me, though. I’m just barely starting to “show,” at least to me and my husband. I doubt anyone at work would be able to tell if they didn’t know any better. But I think it’s about time to start maternity-clothes-shopping, because my pants are getting uncomfortable. My fingernails are growing like crazy (but that’s partially because as soon as I noticed they were growing at all I stopped biting them–check out that self-control). My skin is a little worse. And my boobs, as far as I can tell, haven’t changed at all. I have a terrible headache right now, and I’m tired. All well worth it, but I thought someone out there might be interested. Maybe?

One more complaint: some of these food rules are RIDICULOUS. The cold cuts thing is the hardest for me, even though I probably miss sushi more. Seriously, I can’t get a turkey sandwich for lunch? It strikes me as out of control. The worst is that several of my pregnant or recently pregnant friends tell me they totally cheat/ed on that rule, but I have something of a stickler for a husband, and he really, really doesn’t want me to risk it. And I know, it seems so dumb to think about risking it at all, but I just have these moments where the only thing I can imagine eating is that turkey sandwich (with swiss, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes and lots of jalapenos…mmmm)…

Okay, that’s all. I’ll happily live with the rule, if that’s what it takes. Just wanted to bitch briefly. The things you don’t really think about (nor should you) before you’re pregnant…

That’s all. Anyone out there still reading, thank you for sticking with me. Let me know if I’ve forgotten to update on anything. Let me know if you have any questions for me. I love answering questions!!



  1. patti said,

    Okay, here’s my motivation for you to stick to the rules: I cheated on the no cold cuts rule and had a turkey sandwich. It was devine. Two days later there were about 84 recalls on cold cuts because of a huge listeria scare. If I had it, I could have lost Jack or caused him serious harm. I was very nervous for the 90 days I had to wait to see if I was going to get Listeria. I promise you, the fear and guilt was not worth the sandwich.

    That’s it. Glad to hear everything is okay. Keep us updated.

  2. talkingaboutmyself said,

    Sigh. You’re totally right. Thank you, Patti.

  3. Mel said,

    I literally called my husband the “pregnancy nazi” the entire time I was pg. Not kidding. He wouldn’t even let me look at a cup of coffee or coke twice until I was well in to my 2nd trimester and my OB told him TWICE it was ok for me to have one serving per day. HE also wouldn’t ever let me take tylenol unless I was to tears in pain. He was overly concerned, but looking back, I don’t blame him. I didn’t have a single serving of cold cuts the entire time I was pregnant and because of his caution, I NEVER had anything to worry about regarding food or medication affecting the baby. Did you know you also aren’t supposed to eat runny eggs or ice cream from a machine (yes, that rules out McDonald’s ice cream which infuriated me) or steak that is cooked to any temperature less than well done? Most people say not to worry about it, but I completely agree with your above commentor. What if? You’d never forgive yourself, especially after all you’ve been through to get here. It isn’t worth it and pregnancy, while seemingly endless, does have an expiration date. And can I just tell you that I ate a turkey croissant sandwich EVERY SINGLE DAY for lunch when I was in the hospital following my c-section? I still eat them several times a week. They are better than I remember. Just like wine and sushi and over medium eggs and medium rare filets and McD’s hot fudge sundaes. =)
    Love and hugs. It gets better, I promise.

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