30 week update

December 1, 2009 at 6:46 pm (Uncategorized)

Hi guys! I’m 30 weeks today! I had my 30-week appointment today and though we didn’t have an ultrasound, the doctor said everything looks good.

That’s the stuff that gets me through the rest of this bullshit. I have been lying on the couch for OVER FOUR WEEKS NOW. I am so ridiculously sick of this, you guys. My ankle seems to be healing pretty well, but I’m still in pain and I still can’t put weight on it for another two weeks. I am on disability leave from work right now, which would be pretty awesome if it weren’t cutting into my future maternity leave. Seems really wrong, doesn’t it? See, I am entitled to 12 weeks of short-term disability leave in any rolling 12-month period. I was anticipating having 18 weeks of maternity leave, because that was my understanding of what everyone gets at my firm, but the catch is that 8 of those weeks are provided by that very same short-term disability I’m using right now. I go past 4 weeks of disability now, I cut into those 8 weeks later, so long as they’re in the same 12-month period, which, of course, they are. Well, this week is week #5, and it’s looking like I may end up using at least a full 6 weeks. Actually, I’m approved for 6 weeks and 1 day, and it’s like I’ll use them all. So, goodbye to part of my maternity leave.

It blows.

Sigh. Seems like we should be able to recover some of these costs from the woman who hit me, right? I don’t know if I talked about her in my last post. She’s young, she has the minimum auto insurance ($15,000 per person, which our medical expenses will easily eat up), and it’s not clear that we’d even be able to find a lawyer or investigator willing to find out if she’s got any money. We’ll have to look into it. Look, we don’t want to take her for all that she’s worth, but it does seem worth it to find out if she happens to have a trust fund or something, which is not totally unheard of. This is LA.

I think I did mention our issues with the medical insurance in my last post. That’s still going on. It’s all kind of a nightmare.

But really, we will be okay, even if we lose some money at the end of all of this. And the person in my stomach has been moving around so much, and every time he does it makes me happy. Seriously, no matter how uncomfortable I am, or pissed off I am at being in this situation, when he kicks or pummels or flips or does whatever the hell it is he’s doing in there, I get happy. I’m getting to that place where I’m starting to get really excited to meet him. I can’t believe I don’t even know what he looks like yet. He’s just this huge mystery. And I can’t believe he’s practically a whole person now.


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  1. dana said,

    hope you’re doing well and feeling better! getting so close! 🙂

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