38 week update

January 26, 2010 at 12:11 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m 38 weeks pregnant today. I know, I can’t believe it either.

I’d intended to post at 37 weeks, because that’s such a milestone, but I just didn’t get around to it. So 38 weeks it is.

I am feeling good, all things considered. I mean, this bowling ball strapped to the front of my torso is officially uncomfortable now, as is the constant pressure it imposes underneath it (I now actually spend time imagining the intense relief when the baby finally comes out). This little boy in here is still squirming around, so I rarely have to go too long feeling concerned that he hasn’t been moving enough. I don’t think the skin on my stomach can stretch any further, and it alerts me to this with intense itchiness, on and off, all the time. But I am healthy (knock on wood), in good spirits, and slowly but surely getting things ready for his arrival. It’s getting harder and harder to focus on anything else these days.

I am also gradually recovering from my broken ankle. I did have that second surgery I mentioned last time, during which they took all the hardware out. I think it was a very good move. I fully walk on it now, though I have a limp and it hurts and I can’t be on it for too long and I still have to keep it elevated most of the time. I have been going to physical therapy twice a week, and I’m sure that has been helping. I also feel like this injury is going to be a whole new thing–in a good way–after I’m no longer pregnant. I just feel like it’ll be so much easier to walk around without the extra weight!

Sometimes I can’t believe I’m soon going to be back in the hospital for the third time in the past several months. But this time it’s for a super exciting reason–I really just can’t believe it. I also can’t picture this guy and that is so weird to me. I’ve been having strange dreams about him, for sure, and about what labor will be like and all that. You know, typical stuff. And though I occasionally have the thought, when I’m sitting in front of the tv, exhausted after a long day, icing my ankle and trying to take the pressure off of my back, “Thank goodness I don’t have a kid to take care of at this particular moment,” I’m definitely over this pregnancy thing and ready to meet this new person. I have the vague terror in the back of my mind that he won’t be healthy or that something will go very wrong during delivery, but mostly I just want to see him, hold him, and start finding out what he’s all about.

But all of this is so obvious and unoriginal. Trillions before me have gone through this and had each and every one of these thoughts and feelings. But, well, I haven’t had them before. It’s all new to me. And I’m restless and anxious and I have to have something to talk about. I’ve decided to stay at work until February 5 (next Friday–my due date is the 9th which is following Tuesday) so I can take as full advantage of my maternity leave as possible. It kind of sucks, but people aren’t giving me too much to do so it’s been okay so far. But that also means I have a lot of free time to think about this stuff, which is both good and bad. Basically, my life is about to change more drastically than it ever has before, and I can’t wrap my head around it, try as I might. So I’m babbling on a blog and hoping someone out there can commiserate.

And finally–any words of advice before this happens? What to bring to the hospital, get ready at home, or just do before the baby arrives?


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